Application range of vertical balancing machine

1. Heavy Industry: Turbine child, large generators, water tankers, large shape change gear, large motors centrifuges, mixers, waste disposal machine.

2. Automotive: tire, crankshafts, drive shafts, clutches, brake drums, flywheels all kinds of automobile motors, cooling fans, turbocharger.

3. Motor home appliances: vacuum cleaner motor, fruit juice machine motor, fan and medium-sized motor, drum, all kinds of air-conditioning parts, computer disk.

4. Blower: Usually blower (for industrial use)

5. farm machinery: engine parts (crankshaft, flywheel, etc.) tools, chain saws and other used parts.

6. Small motors: appliances with a small motor rotor, rotor motor cars, motor rotor recorder.

7. Mechanical parts: Paper rollers, pump vanes, gears, torque converters, textile machine parts, elevator parts.

8. Aviation: gyroscope, aviation engine, propeller leaf, aircraft tires, clocks, watches and other parts.

9. Working equipment: grinders, knives, all kinds of spindle, gear.

10. Other: twister friction wheel and so on.