Balancing Machine for Pump

Pump in the long run, often appear pump bearing rack bearing chamber wear, bearing wear, pump body crack rupture, pump cavitation, erosion wear and so on. Appear afore-mentioned problems, the traditional enterprise solution is after welding or brush plating machine repair, but they both have some drawbacks: repair welding of high temperature of the thermal stress can not be completely eliminated, easy cause material damage, leading to bend or break components; and brush plating coating thickness, is easy to peel and the above two methods are with repair of metal metal, can not change the "hard to hard" with the relationship between, in under the influence of the force, still caused by wear again. Contemporary western countries to solve the above problems more than the use of polymer composite material repair method, which has a strong adhesion, excellent compressive strength and other comprehensive properties. Application of polymer materials to repair, can remove free machining. Both gradated welding thermal stress effects, repair thickness is not restricted, and products with the metal material does not have the deformability, absorption equipment of shock and vibration, avoid wear again possible, and greatly prolongs the service life of equipment parts, for enterprises to save a large number of machine halt time, create enormous economic value.

Static balance of impeller

When the pump rotor works at high speed, if its mass is not balanced, it will produce a large centrifugal force, which causes the pump vibration or damage. Rotor balance is achieved through the various components (including shaft, an impeller, a shaft sleeve, the balance disc and so on) mass balance, so the new facelift of the impeller should static balance calibration. The specific method is:

(1) the impeller is mounted on the false shaft and put it on the static balance test bench which has been adjusted to a good level. There are two tracks on the test bench, and the dummy shaft can be freely rolled on the test bench.

(2) mark on one side of the impeller. If the quality of the impeller is not balanced, the heavier side will always be automatically transferred to the following. The emphasis on the local symmetry position (i.e. the lighter side) increased weight (with sticky on the surface or with a clasp or iron), until the impeller can be in any position can be stopped so far.

(3) the quality of the weighting block. It is not on the lighter side of the impeller to add weight, but in the heavier side by reducing the weight of the method to achieve the balance of the impeller. Weight loss can be milling or milling with a grinding wheel (when removal is not large), but pay attention to the depth of milling or grinding shall not exceed the thickness of the impeller cover 1/3. After the static balance of the impeller, the allowable deviation of the static balance value shall not exceed the diameter of the impeller and the product of 0.025g/mm. For example, the diameter of the impeller, allowing the deviation of 5g 200mm.

Assembly and disassembly of shaft coupling

(1) remove the coupling, not directly with a hammer and copper pad, and the coupling hub should call

Water pump coupling

Water pump coupling

Can't play the coupling outer edge, it is easy to be broken because. The most ideal way is to capture disassembly couplings. For small and medium sized pumps, because of its small amount of interference fit, so the coupling is easy to take down. On the larger pump, coupling and shaft with a larger surplus, so the demolition must be heated to the axis of the shaft. (2) the assembly of the coupling, to pay attention to the number of keys (with more than two keys of the coupling). If the bar struck, must pay attention to on site. For example, hammer shaft hole of the end face, easy to cause the shaft hole shrinking, that shaft to pass through; beat on the periphery of the wheel, easy to damage the surface flatness, after using a feeler gauge alignment will affect the measurement accuracy. For a larger coupling, it should be heated and then installed.

(3) coupling bolts, nuts, washers and rubber mat must ensure their respective specifications, the same size, so as not to affect the coupling of dynamic balance. Coupling bolt and corresponding pin hole on the coupling should be made to the corresponding mark, in case of wrong installation.

(4) coupling and shaft with generally uses the transition fit, both may appear a small amount of interference, there may also be a small amount of clearance and coupling of long hub, with a loose transition fit, because of its long axis hole, due to the surface rough machining, after the assembly will naturally produce some interference. If it is found that the coupling of the shaft and the shaft is too loose, the influence of the hole, the shaft of the concentric degree, it should be made up welding. Stamping or pad copper on the shaft is a matter of expediency, not as an ideal method.