Basic knowledge of Drive Shaft Balancing Machine

The difference between soft and hard support

Balancing machine consists of soft and hard bearing support for two. Compared with the two, the soft support balancing machine's swing frame is relatively soft. During the start and stop of the drive shaft, the swing frame of the soft support will have a very obvious vibration.

Theoretically speaking, the soft support balancing machine can obtain higher testing precision. But it can only be distinguished from extremely sophisticated testing. For the drive shaft balancing machine, the hard bearing can achieve the accuracy is far beyond the actual needs. If it is found that the accuracy of a drive shaft balancing machine can not meet the requirements, it must be the result of other factors. Soft and hard bearing is only a minor factor in the factors that affect the balance precision.

Factors affecting the accuracy of high and low

Because all manufacturers have adopted the micro-computer technology, technology is already very mature, electronic measuring part of error has been minimal, the precision level of transmission shaft balancing machines and electronic part is very small. And the main influencing factors are two, 1, the transmission shaft and the balance machine connection way. 2, balancing machine spindle processing accuracy.

Factors influencing the weight loss rate

Status, can not reflect the fork of the fork of the eccentric (see the introduction later), it is not easy to detect the amount of the jump in the process.

The second is the direct use of the bridge bracket bearing support, as shown in figure 2. This method is closest to the actual working condition, and the balance effect is best. And it can easily detect runout process element, can monitor the bridge bearing torsion and noise. Sometimes also avoid the dismantling of the bridge bearings, work the most effort.

Third is the direct use of the sudden element connection, as shown in Figure 3, in the sudden element and the right swing frame directly bolted connection, which is one of the most wrong program. For this balancing machine, you do a few experiments yourself and you'll find that it's a very serious problem. You put the front drive shaft is fitted to the balancing machine, as shown in Figure 3, with the runout of the dial indicator check (the bridge bearing) Journal, the runout of size, determines the equilibrium in the final results. Here is how much the amount of the balance, the balance of the main spindle of the machine is much more than the amount of beating. Balance, in the center of the center (B) is the center of the center of rotation, and so on to the car after the rotation center has become a bridge bearing the axis (A point). When the balance between the axis and the actual work of the axis is not consistent, it will inevitably lead to errors. A large number of maintenance data show that the error caused by the axis transformation is usually between 30 to 100 grams. When you use this balancing machine, you will find a strange phenomenon, if the slide in the meta key to cooperate more closely (Figure 3 C points), the effect of the balance will be very poor, and even can not balance. Because this balancing machine must be with the help of the sliding key in the gap to solve the movement of interference, the slide will not have a gap between the strength, nature can not work.

In order to get the ideal effect on the balance shaft connection way forward, should be particularly careful when. In order to fit for the front axle and rear axle, balance machine must have at least three swing frame, which is the minimum requirement.

The weight of the base

It should be said that no matter what the base weight balancing machine, the bigger the better. But the need to point out that the influence of base weight on the balance accuracy of no, which mainly affects weight loss rate. At the request of the same effect, a soft support balance machine can reduce support than hard times. Now, a large proportion of the total cost in the base cost balance machine. So, when you are more concerned about the price, should give priority to the use of soft support balancing machine.

The concentric degree of the main shaft of the swing frame

There is a principal axis on the left and right two swing frame. Generally speaking, the two main shaft is concentric, the effect on the balance and no impact, which is determined by the characteristics of the drive shaft. Because the drive shaft in the actual work on the car ends already offset many (otherwise Cardan useless), if two spindle balancing machine strictly concentric; on the contrary, with the actual working condition of the transmission shaft does not match. For using direct process element is connected with the swing frame balancing machine (as shown in Figure 3), in order to make up for the defects of the design, reduce the balance shaft of don't trouble phenomenon and the two spindle must strictly heart (in fact, even if the two spindles are strictly concentric, as long as the process element of the end face runout amount is not zero, still don't trouble phenomenon). If you buy three swing rack or four swing frame balancing machine, no such problems, it no longer requires two spindles strictly concentric, but allow the shaft to closer to the actual conditions in the balance, can achieve a better effect.

In balance with the bridge bearing drive shaft, if deliberately let the center line of the bridge bearing and the center of the balancing machine spindle are not coincident, not only will not affect the balance of precision, still can have a bonus: if sudden yuan fork asymmetry (that is, cross axle center offset), after the completion of the balance, swing frame will remain a longitudinal vibration, the vibration will remind operator maintenance process yuan cha. If the center line of the center of the bridge bearing is completely coincident with the center line of the main shaft of the balancing machine, or the big nut in the middle of the process, the problem can be covered. The final result is that the life of the drive shaft is shortened.

It appears that it is good for the drive shaft to keep it in the car (not concentric) at a time of balance, which is good for improving the quality of the balance. Some balancing machine manufacturers don't know this truth, to create very high concentricity of two swing frame balancing machine, although less a swing frame can reduce the cost, but at the expense of performance, makes it difficult for the user.

The benefits of the two operation

Some balance machine has a kind of "two operations" function. With this function, the use of more convenient, if the patch, did not achieve the desired effect, don't like other manufacturers of balancing machine that by experience moving balance block, but by a computer directly tell you more for the right angle and more appropriate weight. The use is very convenient, and can improve the work efficiency.