Development history of balancing machine

Balancing machine development has so far been more than 100 years of history. In 1866, the German company SIEMENS invented the generator. 4 years later, the Canadian Martinson Henry applied for a patent balance technology, opened the prelude to the balance correction industry. In 1907, Dr. Lawaczek Franz provided the improved balance technology to Mr. Schenck Carl, who produced the first double sided balancing machine in 1915. Until the end of the 40's, all the balancing processes were carried out on a purely mechanical balance device. The rotating speed of the rotor is usually used to get the resonance speed of the vibration system, so that the amplitude is maximum. In this way, it is not safe to measure the balance of the rotor and the measurement error is larger.

With the development of electronic technology and the popularization of the rigid rotor balance theory, the electronic measurement technology has been adopted in most of the balance devices in the fifty's.. The balancing machine of the plane separation circuit technology effectively eliminates the influence of the balance between the left and right sides of the workpiece. Electric measuring system has experienced the flash type, watt hour meter, digital, microcomputer and so on stage, finally appeared the automatic balancing machine

With the continuous development of production, more and more parts need to be balanced. In order to improve labor productivity, improve working conditions, the industrial countries early in the fifties of the twentieth century is to balance automation technology were studied and have created a semi automatic balancing machine and automatic dynamic balancing line. In our country at the end of the fifty's because of the need of production and development, we have begun to study this step by step. The development of crankshaft automatic balancing machine is carried out, and the experimental prototype is made. In the late sixty's, we began to develop our country's first six cylinder crankshaft dynamic balance automatic line, and in 1970 the successful trial. The microprocessor control technology of balance testing machine is one of the development trends of the world dynamic balancing technology.