Discussion on application of dynamic balancing machine range

Dynamic balancing machines are very versatile, and can be classified into ten categories:
1. heavy industry: turbine generator, water tankers, large deformation speed gears, large motor of centrifugal machine, mixer, garbage disposal.
2. car industry: tires, crank, drive shafts, clutches, brake drums, wheels car with various types of motors, cooling fan, turbocharger.
3. household appliance motors: vacuum cleaner motor, juice machine motors, fans, mid-size motors, drums, various types of parts for air conditioning, computer disks.
4. blower: blower industry)
5. implements: engine parts crankshaft, flywheel tool, chain saws and other parts.
6. small motors: rotor of small motors for home appliances, car motor-rotor, tape recorder motor-rotor.
7. machinery parts paper rollers, pumps, gears, torque converter, textile machine parts, lift parts.
8. air: gyroscopes, aircraft engine, propeller, aircraft tires, clock, watches and so on.
9. the working machine: grinding machines, tool, all kinds of main shaft and gear.
10. other: twisting machine abrasive wheels and so on.