Discussion on the composition and development of dynamic balancing machine

Moving balance machine by following several part composition: mechanical measuring vibration system (containing vibration sensor and phase signal generator), and drive system, and electronic measurement system, and correction device and security protection device. which, mechanical measuring vibration system, changes relative slow, and Electric measuring system development is is quickly. due to computer of increasingly universal, computer of of Electric measuring system has became both at home and abroad moving balance machine design of new trend.
Thus, moving balance technology is a electromechanical integration of complex technology, is restricted mechanical industrial development of key technology, it directly effect various rotating mechanical of work quality and life. to Germany for representative of advanced industrial national in moving balance research field started early, development fast. and China Although started not late, but due to all reasons, development slow. domestic user using of moving balance machine more for churned of products, precision poor, and fault more, and benefits low, Serious effect has production and enterprise of development. large or national focus enterprise have spent huge Exchange imports moving balance machine. SMEs due to economic reasons, only continues to using obsolete of products, such, while waste has large of valuable exchange, on the still serious effect mechanical industrial of development. in recent years, domestic moving balance machine of design, and manufacturing development soon, but General, part is introduced abroad eliminated or is eliminated of model, part is domestic itself design of products, function less, Is not ideal for its accuracy and reliability, therefore, create advanced dynamic balancing machine has become an urgent need for the development of machinery industry.