Drive shaft dynamic balance machine purchasing knowledge

The difference between hard and soft bearing support
Dynamic balancing machine-soft support and hardware support in two ways. In comparison, soft bearing balancing machine for the swing frame is soft. In the process of starting and stopping of drive shaft, soft support will be very obvious vibration, hard swing frame is not supported on this phenomenon. In theory, soft bearing balancing machine can achieve higher accuracy. However, this only very sophisticated tests to distinguish. Propshaft balancing machines, hard bearing the accuracy can reach far beyond the actual need. If you find a propshaft balancing machines can not meet the requirements of accuracy, it must be the result of other factors. Factors influencing accuracy of balance, soft and hard bearing only a negligible factor.
Factors affecting the precision of
Because all manufacturers are using microcomputer technology, technology is very mature, electronic error measuring part has small propshaft balancing machines and precision of the electronic part of the relationship has been very small. There are two main factors, method 1, drive shaft and the balancing machine. 2, balancing machine spindle Machining accuracy. If a manufacturer says its computer, so accurate, that must have been blinded by a layman, you have to be careful is deceived.