Dynamic balancing machine maintenance is very important

Dynamic balancing machine is used for testing the rotor balanced instrument, which belongs to the hard-bearing balancing machines, can reduce vibration and improve performance and improve the quality of products. Dynamic balancing machine is the same as other mechanical products, if not routine maintenance, will speed up the loss and shorten the service life and, therefore, in order to save costs, we have to pay attention to maintenance of dynamic balancing machine, then in the process of balancing machine using works that should be prepared to balance the longer service life of the machine.
1. it is necessary to often scrubbed balancing machines, insist on balance machine, should stick to clean on the track surface, and often oil rust-proof;
2. supporting block or wheel appearance should stick to cleaning, glue ban iron filings, dust, debris, should be wiped clean before each job supports or wheels and the rotor shaft, plus a small amount of lubricating oil;
3. move the rotor bearing bracket should be changing or moving left and right bearings with same speed, avoid the shaft and the wheel surface scratches and wear, is not allowed to hit the rotor on the wheel frame or hit;
4. because of the low temperatures in winter, and zero accidental launching of a computer system is slow due to normal appearance, does not affect the normal operation of balancing machine. Four points above are used in the process of dynamic balancing machine to look at maintenance details, in addition, we should also follow the instructions manual operate correctly balancing machines, if rush will not only damage the life of dynamic balancing machine, there is still a security risk.