Fault causes and elimination of the Belt Balancing Machine

The impact of the workpiece

Correction workpiece imbalance requires more than the ability to balance the machine itself, the minimum achievable residual unbalance, which is the balance precision balancing machine the workpiece can not meet the balance requirement.

Roundness of the journal bearing workpiece itself is not good, the surface roughness is too low.

The rigidity of the workpiece itself is poor, resulting in deformation at high speed rotation causes mass migration, or the workpiece itself has not fixed or loose parts moving in the rotating state.

After balancing the rotor in actual use will be significant vibration, which is not caused by rotor unbalance itself, but because the rotor bearing journals into the oval or rotor structure there are differences in stiffness caused by the higher harmonics generated vibration caused by electromagnetic excitation with rotor blades affect gas vortices during rotation, resonance system, etc. caused.

Because the power supply fluctuation and the noise caused by the frequent starting of the other equipment connected with the electric network are affected by the interference of the supporting frame roller and the diameter of the rotor shaft of the rotor shaft. The difference between the diameter of the roller and the diameter of the workpiece must be greater than 20%.

Due to check without rotor shaft neck and use the core technology of the shaft itself is unbalanced or mandrel installation and support at the coaxiality error, and core shaft matched with the rotor clearance error caused by rotor balance when using repeated assembly of school or have a huge imbalance.

The actual working state of the rotor of the work piece and the state of the balance check is not consistent.

When the unbalance amount of the work piece is corrected, the position of the center of mass of the center of mass of the weight or the weight of the weight is deviated from the position of the measuring display of the balancing machine.

Influence of balancing machine

1 the left and right supporting points are high or low, so that the rotor or the left and right side of the rotor or the shaft neck plane is rubbed with the support.

2 the supporting block is severely worn or the roller is increased.

3 the supporting place has the dirt, does not add the lubricating oil.

4. Installation of the foundation of the balancing machine not to conform to requirements and connected with the bottom of the face pad, anchor bolts not tightened, or put on the floor, cause resonance.

5 the output signal of the sensor is not normal.

6 fastening screws of the parts that can move on the supporting frame are not fixed.

7 transmission belt does not meet the requirements, there is a clear joint.

8 head of the positive and negative balance without photoelectric light paper, photoelectric head mirror, photoelectric position deviation caused by angle.