Jianping Portable Field Balancing Machine with high-quality

Jianping Portable Field Balancing Machine with high-quality


Production Description

After products in the assembly, because fit tolerance, structural distortion and mass eccentricity and other reasons, etc, in the rotating operation, it will produce significant vibration and displacement, that greatly reduced equipment operation safety and operating life.

Such as the impeller in the fan industry, Because the imbalance produce enormous centrifugal force and mechanical vibration, mounting screws easily lead to breakage, accelerated  bearing wear and fatigue of fission, etc. These will shorten the life of the fan or even dangerous to the operator.

Now, Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. well-developed and produced DM-3 Smart balancer, to provide you with a general balancing machines can not achieve the program----Field Balancing assembly.



Range of Application


Mainly used  in the fan industry, power plants, cement plants, metallurgy, chemical industry, machine tool spindles industry, paper rolls, centrifuges, automotive testing equipment, water pumps, grinding wheel and other rotating machinery applications 
With the DM-3 Field balancing machine, you can not remove fan impeller, to do balance the fan impeller to finish imbalance measurement and correction, eliminating vibration and up to standard.



Special Features


• 7-inch touch screen
• WinCE operating system
• Single-plane or two-plane dynamic balance measurement
• Electronic compensating
• 100 sets of scaling data storage
• Waveform display
• Indexing function

• Sensor Detect
• 100 set calibration data storage

• Vector decomposition and composition
• Harmonic analysis
• Can be non-continuous calibration
• Signal pre-attenuation
• Data can be exported


Production Parameters


Technical data at a glanceDM-3 Smart Balancer
Machine Weight6.79kg
External Dimension(mm)450*260*145
Display SystemSeven inches touch screen
Measuring speed180-10000r/min
The resolution of unbalance amount0-3decimal
The battery of cruise time2.5h
Mass unitkg,g,mg