JP-380 Electrical Measuring

JP-380 Electrical Measuring unit is a Micro-computer Electric Measuring Instrumentation newly developed by ourselves with piezoelectric transducer as electromechanical sensor,The measuring unit can show rotating speed,measured value,and phase position intuitively with options of six support models available while the piezoelectrical sensor possesses a large capacity of output,small volume and high stability.




1. Digital Display of measured value and angle,direct and easy to read

2. Intel 8051 chip,safe reliable and fast

3. Imported components with lower failure rate

4. Multi-methods of compensation

5. Auto lock of rotating speed




1. Coming with Intel 8051Microcontroller Unit, The main machine system is highly stable and anti-jamming

2. Digital-tube display,Direct and easy to read

3. The High-quality main components are imported from the America and Japan

4. The data collecting system employs automatic programmed amplifier and high-performance filter with the dynamic measuring range being more than 80DB