Knowledge presentation on dynamic balancing machine

In General proofreading wheel dynamic balance of meaning is intended to make the wheels go up stuck to a State of balance. Many of dynamic balancing machine and four wheel alignment two concepts are still in heavy cloud, here focusing on: dynamic balancing machine is to adjust the wheel balance, and four wheel alignment is adjusted suspension parameters.
Many people may ask, wheels and tires are round and how it will not balance? originals composed of two wheels and some shapes are round, but because details could not possibly reach must be rounded, such as plans to have valves on the wheels, the weight of the small things will have an impact on revolving balance.
Also exist for the information itself is soft tires lose round elements, rims and tires natural after these two together, there is no guarantee that weight is a symmetrical round objects; wheels in the production and delivery process would have resulted in loss of round; so our wheels have a separate "balance" in the process.