Tyre dynamic balance machine how to use

Tyre dynamic balance machine how to use? So-called, good cards in the hand, is not someone playing around, this truth applies as much to the tire balancing machines, some clients just don't know how to use a good tire balance one brand, in view of this situation, I would tell everyone how good tire balance machines. Staff recommend silver arrow dynamic balancing machine, wheel balancer, follow these steps:
1, first plug in the power supply first, then open the air valve plug;
2, operations should be strictly based on the application requirements, such as: carefully hang the wheel to prevent axial deformation of the Centre;
3, balance (balancing machines) and tyre choice orientation center hole combined with the spine;
4, tire holder critical reliability and stability, there must be no loosening, operation must be based on the cover;
5, should check the rim diameter tire width and enter the distance measurement;
6, clean up after the job completes, keep equipment clean; if we see there are other views, or you can say his views.