2019 China Automotive Manufacturing & Industry Assembly

August 28th to 30th, 2019 China Wuhan Automobile Manufacturing and Industrial Assembly Exhibition was held at Wuhan International Expo Center.JP Balancing Machine was equipped with automatic positioning and balancing machine and condensing fan balancing machine. Booth No.: A1298/1299

With the new technology and new concepts of electricization, light weight, automatic driving, intelligent network connection and shared travel, this exhibition will build a one-stop automobile engineering platform for design, R&D and manufacturing, and focus on the whole process of the entire automobile manufacturing industry. New technology products. The exhibition brought together more than 400 companies from home and abroad, and domestic and foreign manufacturers gathered in the event. The two balance machines exhibited by Shanghai Jianping just unveiled, attracted the attention of the participants, won the recognition of manufacturers, suppliers and buyers from all over the country, and initially reached a cooperation intention.

This exhibition focuses on the achievements of the global automotive industry in technology research and development. At the same time, Shanghai Jianping, as an exhibitor, showed two balancing machines.


Auto positioning balancing machine: suitable for balance detection of micro motor rotor. The measurement is automatically stopped when it is qualified, and it is automatically stopped at the unbalanced point when it is unqualified, which is convenient to operate.


Cooling fan balancing machine: Suitable for the overall balance of the car engine condensing fan and the water tank cooling fan assembly. With 12-inch touch screen and JP800 balance software, it can also test the current, voltage, power and other electrical parameters while measuring the dynamic balance. The fixture can adapt to many varieties.

In addition to these two balancing machines, we also have a number of fully automatic balancing machines for the automotive parts industry: vertical drilling balancing machines, vertical milling automatic balancing machines, new energy motor rotor balancing machines, etc. Come to consult

Shanghai Jianping never stopped creating. Shanghai Jianping will take "2019 China Wuhan Automobile Manufacturing Industry and Industrial Assembly Expo" as an opportunity to once again polish the "Shanghai Jianping" business card, give full play to the automobile industry cluster and take action, and promote the dynamic balance of auto parts to achieve fully automated production. Reduce labor and increase production efficiency. In the next step, we will continue to innovate and innovate to provide fresh energy for the automotive industry and promote technological innovation.