5 Factors That Seriously Affect Field Dynamic Balancing

Large fans, centrifuges Rotor in the process of rotation will produce a variety of imbalances, but it is not easy to disassemble and it will take a long time and lots of cost to terminate in some large cement plants, power plants. In this case we will use the dynamic balance to do test and maintenance moving unbalanced. The following Matters we must pay attention.

1. Users in the continuous measurement process do not easily press the "reset" button, otherwise it will lose all the data button. If the impact coefficient at hand, you can re-enter.

2. be sure to do the photoelectric mark carefully and observe the accuracy of the machine speed. This is an important guarantee for the instrument to carry out the dynamic balance test.
3. The cause of the machine vibration has a lot of factors. Only the same frequency amplitude of the total amplitude of the larger components has a dynamic balance approach to reduce vibration. On the contrary, it cannot get the desired effect.
4. In the dynamic balance test method, it is necessary to re-add amount to the measured surface of the known position, pay attention to the increase after the vibration amplitude with phase, and the original vibration amplitude with phase changes. If the data changes are not obvious, the calculation of the vibration effect is not that obvious. If the amplitude change is not obvious, the test weight should be increased. If the phase change is not obvious, you should remove the weight in test position.
5. For the first time to balance a rotor, you must use the test method. Through the test method to get the impact coefficient, the balance of the same type of rotor can be used to affect the coefficient method. The operation is relatively simple.


Field Balancer

With the rapid development of industrial technology, the influx of high-speed rotating machinery, high-speed selection of mechanical balance accuracy requirements are getting higher and higher. According to statistics in domestic and abroad, more than 40% of the faults in the aero engine are related to the vibration, 60% -70% of the abnormal vibration in turbo-generator equipment is caused by the imbalance of the rotor. Balance technology not only in the machine maintenance and maintenance has become increasingly important in a production process. Balance experiences in different speed rotating machinery will directly affect their balance accuracy level, smooth operation, and age of servicing life.