8 Features Of Heater Balancing Machines

Heater Blower Work Piece

The heater is a kind of device that can generate warm air. Generally speaking, the maximum temperature is about 40 ℃, it contains heat, temperature control, blow control and protection.
Many heater manufacturers will be equipped with car heaters balance machine. But no matter what kind of choice about heaters balancing machine, the original intention is the same. With the accuracy, better quality of the balancing machine to do the heater, the balance will be better stability.
JP provides a standard range of automotive heaters balancing machines, mainly used in the overall balance of the car heater assembly. Well-designed mechanical modules allow you to quickly and precisely balance the work piece, have a greater choice, with less expense for you with the best balance equipment.

Blower Balancing Machines

1. New iteration JP-800 electrical measurement system;
2. Add boot check function to ensure accuracy;
3. equipped with NG shelf, with a chain function to prevent mistakes;
4. Qualified marking of products, saving time and convenience;
5. Safety doors and safety light curtain design, safety and more secure;
6. with 12-inch touch screen, intuitive to see the work piece balance, the data at a glance;
7. Special design of the soft support swing frame, more conducive to high-precision measurement of the overall balance of the heater;
8. Under the overall balance of the situation, the balance error can be reduced to a smaller range, to ensure that the heater has a better quality, more stable balance.