Fully Automatic Balancing Strategy For Industrial Production.

For industrial production, the priority of considering dynamic balance is changing from precision to efficiency. The original criteria of rotation balance has no longer xx the using of manually balancing machines. We develop its new automatic balancing system and clamp for improving efficiency solution for production requirements.

Claw Automatic Action


We design an entirely cooperatives efficient and control system for dynamic balancing in aligning work piece. The new automatic balancing machines are the process from manually dynamic balance to fully automatic balancing and are engineered associated with the key factors of most concerns, efficiency, precision, and re-correction time.

 Software Detecting

The operation of automatic balancing machines are integrated by the new JP900 software. We design that all the machine operations can be finished by the touchscreen monitor in the front machine side. We don’t require operators own dynamic balancing experiences and knowledge since the software can determine whether the work piece has been balanced by running full of processes. There, we record the rotors’ parameter and balancing consequences into forms and patterns as a scientifically strict statement that can be printed, to indicate and evaluate statistical characteristic all in one unit.

 Vertical Automatic Pneumatic Clamp

We care more about safety in dynamic balancing procedures and production. With automatically hood and emergency stop process has been certificated by ISO 9001 and CE for fulfill the safety standard.