A Good Heater Can Not Do Without Fan Heater Balancing Machine

Turns warm or cold can occasionally be able to see, take today, the temperature is lower than yesterday four or five degrees, when traveling or feeling a bit chilly wind bursts.

When driving the hands are frozen state, but sometimes open the car warm air, you will find the location of the co-pilot inside the creaking sound, then you dare to open the warm it? How to deal with this situation?

automotive heater special balancing machine1

Analysis of the working principle of the car heater

After the air filter air conditioner filter will enter the evaporator cooling, into cold air. Then enter the hot and cold switch is divided into two. If you hit the hot air switch, then it will take the hot water tank line, after heating the hot water tank into hot air and then blown out, resulting in hot air temperature inside the car.

Spring and autumn weather is not too cold air humidity can also hit the hot air at the same time open the AC, dry heating can also be very effective to the fog.
If it is below zero in the north of the weather, the air itself is already very dry, you can consider the AC key off, save oil while blowing warm air.

Cold weather car creak creak how to do?

Some car owners have a headache in the warm winter when they turn on the warm air. They say that the cockpit driver's seat will creak loudly as soon as the warm air button is turned on, and the hot air can not be used anymore.

This situation occurs, in most cases because the heater is broken, or is the problem caused by speed resistance, or the balance of the heater itself. Like this case, the maintenance is not convenient or direct replacement of the heater it.

Good heater, can not do without heater balance machine

Everyone wants to be able to configure their car better, all want all the parts are of high quality. The same applies to the heater of a car.

To good quality fan, can not do without fan heater balance and assistance.

automotive heater special balancing machine3

Shanghai Jianping car heater balance machine, mainly used in the overall balance of the car heater assembly. With the powerful JP800 balance software, the multi-purpose fixture can adapt to more varieties. The pneumatic quick chuck can better clamp the workpiece and improve work efficiency.

Jianping PRZS-5H car heater balance machine, charge to consider the overall balance of components, to eliminate due to bearing and other parts and equipment caused by imbalance error, thereby enhancing the heater quality.