All-round Solve The Problem Of Brake Disc Automatic Balancing Machine

Brake disc structure and brake principle

The working principle of disc brakes is not too complicated, it is controlled by the hydraulic, the main components of the brake disc, sub-pumps, brake calipers, tubing and so on. Brake disc made of alloy steel and fixed on the wheel, with the wheel rotation. When brakes, the piston of the sub-pump is hydraulically supplied by the tubing to push the friction plate against the brake disk to cause a friction brake to act as if it were pincer against the rotating plate with pliers to force it to stop.
Disc brakes with fast cooling, light weight, simple structure, easy adjustment and so on. In particular, high load high temperature performance, stable braking effect, and are not afraid of mud invasion, traffic in winter and bad roads, disc brake drum brake easier to make a car in a shorter period of time to stop.

In general, the size of the brake disc smaller than the size of the brake disc cooling efficiency, while the ventilation tray than the solid plate cooling efficiency.


Brake disc brake system is a very important component, a good brake disc brake stability, no noise, no jitter. Many DIY players do not have some professional knowledge Do not just replace the brake disc yourself, because the original brake disc is tested by many professional engineers, is fully able to withstand the brake force of their car.

Brake disc automatic balancing machine

Shanghai Jianping balancing machine to provide a range of standard automatic balancing machine, you can balance from a few grams up to a maximum diameter of 35 kg 450 mm disc-shaped workpiece. As a professional manufacturer, Shanghai Jianping also manufactures special automatic balancing machines that can suit all types of rotors.


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