Analysis Of The Advantages Of Balancing Machine Two Times Operation

Analysis of the advantages of balancing machine two times operation

Some balance machines have a function called two times operation. With this function, it will be more convenient to use, if the patch after, not to achieve the desired effect, do not have to like other manufacturers of the balance machine as the experience of moving the balance of the block, but by the computer directly to tell you the more appropriate angle and more appropriate weight. It is very convenient to use and can improve working efficiency.

Joint balance of balancing machines

The so-called joint balance is to put two or more of the drive shaft on the balance machine, connected together to balance, so that the balance of the state and the actual state is exactly the same, so can achieve very good results.

A balancing machine is a machine that measures the size and position of the unbalance of a rotating object (rotor). The data measured by a balancing machine corrects the unbalance of the rotor, which can improve the mass distribution of the rotor relative to the axis, so as to reduce the vibration of the rotor during rotation or the vibration force acting on the bearing to the permissible range.

Under normal circumstances, the balance of the rotor is measured and corrected in two steps, the balancing machine is mainly used for measuring the unbalance, while the unbalance correction (usually reduced or added mass on the rotor) is usually done by means of other auxiliary equipment such as drilling machine and spot welder, or by hand. Part of the balancer has made the calibration device a part of the balancing machine.