Analysis On The Influencing Factors Of Dynamic Balancing Machine

  Analysis on the Influencing Factors of Dynamic Balancing Machine

  Dynamic balancing machines have been widely used in the machinery industry, because of its advantages, by the wide acclaim. However, there will be some factors of interference. Balancing machine manufacturers to analyze the factors that affect the effect of dynamic balancing machine.

  Rotor quality unfair balance. Because the rotor quality is unfairly balanced, the rotor center of gravity and the axis of the initiation of an injustice away. When the main axis of rotation, because the imbalance quality centrifugal inertia force effect, the main optical axis will sprout deformation. The greater the shaft strain, the more severe the vibration.

  Axis is not correct. The balancing machine unit axis does not move the two modes of vibration: arcuate swing. Because the rotor, the rotor geometric core away from the main rotation core, the operation will sprout lateral and vertical vibration, the direct formation of the swing on the thrust bearing, guide bearing constitute a blackmail, but also increase the centrifugal inertia force, both increase the amplitude.

  There is a lack of balancing bearings. When the guide bearing loose, rigid enough, unstable operation and lubricating oil is not good, it will friction, reverse reverse arc swing, that is, lateral vibration. Guide bearing clearance is too small, will turn the vibration of the shaft to the bearing and foundation, guide bearing clearance is too large, large vibration shaft. The appropriate guide bearing clearance, it may also guarantee the rotation of the shaft and the bearing are within the allowable range.