Analyze The Function Of Three Important Parts Of Balancing Machine

Analyze the function of three important parts of balancing machine

Balancing machine is a kind of measuring instrument, same as other machines, it is also composed of several important components, today, the main part of the small series is to understand the characteristics of these important components.

The important components of the balancing machine are: the electrical measuring part, the electrically controlled part and the mechanical part, the following is their characteristic analysis:

Electrical Measurement System: The main function is to deal with the electrical signal from the sensor, showing the rotor unbalance position and size. It is the key part of the balancing machine, and its quality directly affects the performance of the balancer.

Mechanical part: Taking the general horizontal dynamic balance as an example, the bed of the lower part of the balancing machine is the foundation of placing the balancing machine parts and the solid equipment, and the rotor is provided by the left and right two swinging frames to support the rotors. The rotor is rotated by a belt or coupling, and the vibration signal is transformed into an electrical signal by a sensor mounted on a two-pendulum frame, and the mechanical part includes an auxiliary part such as an axial stop frame and a safety frame.

Electrically controlled part: it is the part that controls the starting and stopping of the motor of the drive balancing machine and the speed regulation, also called the Electric control box. The electric control part is two kinds of DC control and AC control, in which the AC control is divided into two-speed AC control and Variable frequency AC control. Some of the balancing machine's electrical control and mechanical parts are integrated.

To understand the important part of the balance machine, can be more conducive to product selection.