Application Of Pump Impeller Balancing Machine

A pump is a machine part that delivers liquid or pressurizes the liquid. It transfers the mechanical energy or other external energy of the prime mover to the liquid to increase the energy of the liquid. It is mainly used to transport the liquid, including water, oil, acid and alkali solution, emulsion, suspension liquid and liquid metal. It can also transport gas mixture as well as liquids containing suspended solids.


Application of Pump Impeller Balancing Machine - Impeller


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Centrifugal pump impeller is a brief introduction
Closed impeller is more efficient, more difficult to manufacture, suitable for conveying water, solution and other small particles without particles of clean liquid; semi-open impeller manufacturing has less difficulty, low cost, adaptability. In recent years in the petrochemical centrifugal pump in the application of the gradual increase, mainly for the delivery of water and water similar to the water; start impeller efficiency is low, mainly used for conveying high viscosity liquid and slurry liquid.
Centrifugal pump water pump impeller blades are generally curved blade. Leaves have cylindrical and twisted two, the application of twisted leaves can reduce the load of the blade, and can improve the suction performance of centrifugal pumps to improve anti-cavitation ability, but the manufacturing more difficult, higher cost.


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In order to improve the overall balance of the pump impeller, thereby improving the suction capacity of the centrifugal pump to improve the ability to resist cavitation, pump impeller balancing machine calibration is particularly critical.