Auto Parts Balancing Machines Troubleshooting

Auto Parts Balancing Machines Calibrate Workpiece Unbalance Requirements Exceeds the ability of Auto Parts Balancing Machines to minimize residual balances, which means that the balance accuracy of Auto Parts Balancing Machines does not meet the requirements of workpiece balancing


Auto Parts Balancing Machines Drag the rotor drive in a way with drag, coupling and self-drive.

1, the circle with the drag ---- is the use of rubber ring or silk ring, dragged by the motor pulley rotor, so the ring drag the rotor surface must have a smooth cylindrical surface, the advantages of circle with drag Does not affect the unbalance of the rotor, the balance of high precision.

2. Coupling drag ---- is the use of universal joints will Auto Parts Balancing Machines spindle and the rotor connected. Coupling drag is characterized by irregular appearance of the rotor, you can pass a larger torque, suitable for drag the fan and other large wind resistance of the rotor, the link drag the shortcomings of the coupling itself will be unbalanced The rotor has an effect (so the coupling should be balanced before use), will also introduce interference to the balance of precision, in addition to do a lot of connection plate to adapt to different types of rotor.

3, since the drive ---- is the use of the rotor's own power rotation. Self-driven is the smallest way to balance the accuracy of the drag, the balance of precision up to the highest, but only the structure allows a special rotor to use this drag.