Automatic Balancing For Automotives Parts

automotive parts that can be balanced

JP Balancing Machines is aiming at automation technology evolution and applied on dynamic balancing machine research and development. We evolve all automotive parts dynamic balancing machine into fully-automatic balancing generation.


Automatic pneumatic clamp reinforces the parts in balance rotation to rapidly start and brake with a high initial speed. Parts weight removal amount will be calculated by software which has abundant database of possible balance test circumstance and bias that have to avoid. The unbalancing position at where drill or mill tools engage will be precisely located by the interaction between servo motor and logical controller. The machine take care all the existed inspecting error or natural factors effects. Automatically compensation system add the value into the entire calculation system. For the sake of ensure the parts are balanced without re-mill or re-drill. The pats will not be in any waste during dynamic balancing.


Conveyor systems are under customized that can sync the operator working efficiency and the whole line productivity.


automatic balancing machine