Automatic Balancing Machine Industry Development Prospects

  Automatic balancing machine industry development prospects

  Since the outbreak of the global financial crisis in 2008, the state has introduced a series of policies to encourage and support industrial transformation and manufacturing upgrades. In the relevant policy guidelines and requirements, China's manufacturing industry began to automation, refinement and intelligent direction of transformation, product quality and performance requirements continue to increase.

  Imported automatic balancing machines are usually designed in the country of origin, the initial unbalanced parts of the rotary parts and quality consistency requirements are higher, the different specifications of the rotary parts compatibility is not high, China's production of the same parts of the rotary parts often specifications More, the initial imbalance is large, the quality of consistency is also poor, imported equipment in China is difficult to give full play to its performance.

  Import equipment, high prices, long-term lack of domestic equipment, leading to China's current automatic balancing machine penetration is not high, the urgent need for local R & D and design of high-performance automatic balancing machine to meet the growing domestic demand for precision manufacturing and market demand, Industrial transformation and manufacturing upgrading.

  China's rising labor costs and the trend of labor shortage, will effectively promote the automatic balancing machine in China's rotary parts manufacturing applications and popularization.

  In the industrial transformation and manufacturing upgrades in China, labor costs and labor shortage and other factors to promote the use of automatic balancing machine to replace the traditional manual balance in the field of turning parts manufacturing has become a trend, automatic balancing machine utilization continues to improve, More new applications, the local automatic balancing machine manufacturers are facing good opportunities for development and broad market prospects.