Automatic Dynamic Balancing Machine For Clutch, Pulley, Flywheel

The most direct and important role of the automotive flywheel is to store a part of the energy and inertia of the engine during the movement. In the four strokes of the engine, only one stroke of the engine is inhaled, exhausted, and the compressed energy comes from the energy stored in the flywheel.


In order to improve the working efficiency of the automotive flywheel, JP balancing machine manufactures a flywheel balancing machine (vertical drilling automatic balancing machine). The flywheel automatic balancing machine is a fully automated machine that provides dynamic balance verification to the flywheel, and the flywheel will have better performance after being processed by the balancing machine.


Application area


Vertical drilling automatic balancing machine is widely used in balance correction of automobile clutch pressure plate, flywheel, pulley, and water pump impeller.

 flywheel automatic balancing machine.jpg

Vertical drilling automatic balancing machine adopts Shanghai Jianping R&D technology. The workpieces are balanced, angled, drilled and re-tested, and all are automated. They have the features of simple operation, convenient application, and high precision; applicable to small and medium-sized Mass production.