Automatic Maintenance Of The Automatic Balancing Machine

  Automatic maintenance of the automatic balancing machine

  Automatic balancing machine is used to measure the rotor imbalance of the instrument, are precision equipment, in the daily use of the need to do its maintenance work, so as to avoid the automatic balancing machine factors lead to measurement results are not allowed, then the automatic balancing machine specific How should maintenance? Here we look at the next.

  1. Automatic balancing machine is a sophisticated testing equipment, should be responsible for the custody and operation.

  2. Always keep the automatic balancing machine clean, the rail surface should be kept clean, and often oil rust.

  3. Support the block or roller surface should be kept clean, not allowed to stick iron filings, dust debris, each work should be wiped before the net support block or roller and rotor journal, plus a little oil. Move the support frame should also rotate the rotor or the left and right support frame at the same speed at the same time to avoid the journal and roller surface scratches wear, does not allow the rotor on the roller frame for beating or impact.

  4. Electrical measurement box is a key component of the automatic balancing machine, must be to prevent vibration and moisture, should be properly kept. After working, turn off the electrical box switch.

  5. If the measuring box is not used for a long time, it should be preheated for several hours on a regular basis.

  6. All the knobs and switches on the panel are not allowed to run, so as not to damage the components and bring measurement errors.

  7. The lens glass of the photoelectric head should always wipe the outer surface of the lens with a mirror paper or a mirror cloth to keep it clean. Do not wipe the mirror with an oiled yarn or a dirty cloth.

  Only to do the automatic maintenance of the daily maintenance work in order to ensure that the measurement results of the instrument, more effective long automatic balancing machine life.