Automobile Engine Flywheel Balancing Machine

The flywheel is mounted on the power output of the crankshaft. That is, the position where the gearbox and power output gears are connected. In short, the role of the flywheel is to drive the crank linked of the cylinder, if no flywheel engaged, engine need to rely on the external motor to start up, and will consume extra energy.

1. Connected with the crankshaft, can be used as a check mark of the engine calibration.
2. Using the inertia of the flywheel, the four processes of the engine, intake, compression, combustion, exhaust can be carried out smoothly.
3. As part of a car clutch, the flywheel can be engaged with or separated from the clutch platen;
4. After the start of the engine, start the motor to working state, the motor has a pinion to drive the engine crankshaft rotation, so that the engine starts.
Car flywheel balancing machine, teach you how to make a balance to the flywheel
PHLD series flywheel balancing machine uses new designed pneumatic spindle and fixture, compared to the traditional rigid and flexible fixture, can dramatically improve the balance efficiency, and more accuracy. The use of variable frequency motor drive, to achieve stepless speed control, rolls part smoothly in acceleration and deceleration, more efficient and safe.