Automotive Generator Rotor Balancing Machine Protect For Environmental Protection

In order to improve the power generation capacity of automobile generators, the world's auto generators began to develop rapidly to the speed, so that the car must do dynamic balance for the rotor. In many manufacturers still rely on foreign products,at the same time, the domestic dynamic balancing machine manufacturers Shanghai Jianping successfully developed a car generator rotor balancing machine


The car generator is the main source of electricity for the car. At work, it will supply power to all the electrical equipment other than the starter. It is one of the important structures of the automobile's normal operation. The automobile generator rotor balancing machine can guarantee the car The generator rotor is working properly to improve the rotor mass while also improving the life of the generator rotor

Generator rotor balancing machine to ensure smooth operation of the generator
Generator rotor balancing machine using advanced electrical measurement system, measuring the amount of measurement and the angle of the unit can be customized to show the accuracy can also be customized to achieve real-time conversion unit to meet different customer needs, dynamic and static balance, support Up to 10 kinds of ways. And the use of advanced servo drive device to achieve the parameters of the stepless speed, smooth acceleration and deceleration. Measurement qualified automatic stop. Unqualified automatically stopped at the unbalanced point. Under the cut belt drive, easy to efficiently up and down the rotor, the other configuration RBI institutions can achieve markup imbalance. Especially for micro-motor rotor, power tools and other shafts of the bulk balance. With its high sensitivity, a variety of flexible auto-positioning, convenient operation, praised by the majority of users.


Regularly check the generator and maintain the car heart

The factory use generator rotor balancing machine to ensure the quality of the generator, but if the generator not properly used and maintenance,It will still bring to various problems

Car generators is as human heart , is an integral part of the car. In order to ensure the quality and use of automobile generators, the dynamic balancing of the rotor of the auto generators is indispensable. Similarly, in daily use, the drivers should also use them as reasonably as possible to prevent unnecessary faults