Automotive Heater Balancing Machine

The heater is first controlled by the air conditioning master switch. When the air conditioning switch is turned on, current is passed from the battery cathode through a total insurance through the ignition switch IG gear and then to the central circuit board and then through an air conditioner insurance to the air conditioning switch. Out of the air conditioning switch, several routes are divided. Without saying it, we say that the air conditioner of the heater goes out and the coil of the heater relay is connected to the inside of the central circuit board. Then the ground coil generates a magnetic field closing contact. The heater operates at a low speed. The heater current flows through the central circuit board. An insurance through the relay contacts to the heater switch from the heater switch out of the four lines are respectively 1 2 4 4 speed line to the resistance of the resistance of the most high-end line connected heater and thus rotate the gear current from the different lines flow past.

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Jp balancing machine provides a standard range of automotive heater special balancing machines, which are mainly used in the overall balance of automotive heater assembly.


1.Mainly used in the whole balancing of automotive heater, car heater,auto heater assembly
2.The machine uses 12-inch touch screen, and powerful JP800 balancing software.
3.Versatile fixture can accommodate variety of workpieces, pneumatic quick chuck can clamp the workpiece more quickly, greatly improve efficiency
4.Fast lift safety doors, to bring you higher productivity and better security
5.Three-color alarm lights make equipment status visualize


The well-designed mechanical module allows you to quickly and precisely balance the workpiece, has more choice, and provides you with the best balance equipment with less expense.