Balance Alternator In A Car

The car generator is the main source of electricity for the car. It will supply power to all the electrical equipment other than the starter. It is one of the important structures of the automobile's normal operation. The automobile generator rotor balancing machine can guarantee the car the generator rotor is working properly to improve the rotor mass while also improving the service life of the generator rotor. Generator energy saving and environmental protection innovation technology (Eco-Innovation)
Innovative glide start - stop system can shut down the engine in the process of moving the vehicle, saving up to 10% fuel consumption; Energy Recovery Acceleration Assist System (BRS) allows more owners to enjoy the fun of driving. Low fuel consumption, low emissions of vehicles more and more favored by everyone, at the same time, driving the fun of driving cannot be stripped. That is, based on this situation, innovative high-efficiency diode generator technology and synchronous rectifier generator technology to meet these two needs.

alternator in a car

High efficiency generators not only reduce carbon dioxide emissions but also provide more than four or five times the amount of electricity than conventional generators.
Generator rotor balancing machine to ensure smooth operation of the generator
The generator rotor balancing machine is one of the balancing machines, and as a member of the special balancing machine, its main function is to provide dynamic balance detection and correction for the motor generator rotor.

alternator balancing machines

Brief introduction of dynamic balancing machine for generator rotor
1. The use of powerful balance software, the interface can be achieved in English switch, you can carry out automatic measurement and data analysis, and can be networked to print and other operations;
2. The use of soft support of the support, specifically for micro-generator rotor, high sensitivity, the operation is very simple;
3. High sensitivity of the sensor to achieve higher measurement accuracy.
Regularly check the generator and maintain the car heart
Before the factory by the generator rotor balancing machine to ensure the quality of the generator, the factory installed capacity, the quality of no matter how good the life of the generator if not properly used and maintenance or prone to various problems.
1) in daily use, the car driving a certain mileage, the appropriate adjustment should be the progress of the generator belt, according to the specific circumstances of the fixed calibration screw;
2) must pay attention to the degree of bearing wear, if the lack of lubrication, then you can drop a few drops of oil in the oil cup mouth, but do not seep into the rectifier;
3) If the pole of the engine is loose, be sure to tighten it immediately. If the insulation is found, it should be removed immediately.
Car generatorsis an indispensable part of the car. In order to ensure the quality and use of automobile generators, the dynamic balance correction of the rotor balancer of the auto generator is indispensable. Similarly, in daily use, the driver should also use as much as possible to prevent unnecessary malfunction.