Balance Machine Sensitivity And Accuracy You Carefully Understand It

  Balance machine sensitivity and accuracy you carefully understand it

  Balance machine sensitivity and accuracy I believe we are no stranger, a lot of people in the work of the time need to test to see if it meets the standard, but we have a lot of people at work, found that the so-called instrument precision Amplitude error, the commonly used indicator or full scale percentage to represent, and the phase error common degrees that.

  However, for a balancing machine, if the correction is performed in accordance with the unbalance indication indicated by the above precision and the permissible residual unbalance of the rotor is within a certain limit, for a rotor with a large initial imbalance, this The error appears too strict, and the initial imbalance of the rotor is small, this error is very loose.In addition, even if there is a certain amplitude, phase error,

  If the number of corrections is increased, the amount of residual unbalance will be gradually reduced within a certain limit, but can not be reduced after reaching a certain limit. On the other hand, the so-called sensitivity is the amount of unbalance that must be applied to increase the indication of the instrument , The above values vary with rotor mass.

  In the light of the above, the International Organization for Standardization has recently established a methodological standard for assessing the performance of balancers, which uses the specified calibration rotor and tests according to prescribed procedures. The results are expressed as a minimum reachable residual unbalance and an unbalance reduction rate The