Balancing Machine For Disc Workpieces - Vertical Balancer

Vertical balancer are engineered with the balance of the rotor’s axis in the balance machine, which was in the vertical statue, generally no rotary axis of the disc-like parts, such as fan blades, pump impeller, hood wind wheel, flywheel, Grinding wheel, saw blade, chuck, brake. They are suitable for vertical dynamic balancing machine.


Vertical Balancing Machine
An unbalanced rotor produces a pressure on its supports and the rotor’s vibration. Therefore, the dynamic balance of the rotor is necessary. Balancing machine is the rotor in the rotating state of dynamic balance check, the role of dynamic balance is:
● Improve the quality of the rotor and its products
● Reduce noise
● Reduce vibration
● Improve the service life of the bearing parts (bearings)
● reduce the user's discomfort
● Reduce the power consumption of the product


There are many factors that cause the balancing machine to fail to achieve equilibrium. As long as a link is not normal will inevitably affect the balance of the workpiece, such as targeted analysis of these phenomena in order to help us correctly distinguish and determine the reasons for the emergence of various circumstances, and then take effective measures to reduce or eliminate these influence of unfavorable factors on workpiece balance.

Automatic Vertical Balancing Machines

Vertical dynamic balancing machine is mainly applied to fan blades, pump impeller, hood wind wheel, flywheel, grinding wheel, saw blade, chuck, saw blade, brake and other dynamic balance test. According to users’ side needs, vertical balancing machine can also be installed to heavy device. Vertical balancing machine is also divided into: single-sided vertical balancing machine, double-sided vertical balancing machine.
Vertical balancing machine has the following advantages:
1. Professional design of the pedestal, the effectiveness of transferring mechanical force, solid and reliable, small vibration damping, good rigidity.
2. High sensitivity sensor, good linearity, durable and reliable
3. Permanent calibration the measurement principle, high precision, allows very high initial unbalance
4. Equipped with a special fixture, higher precision, easier clamping
5. Advanced electrical measurement system, friendly man-made session, powerful
6. According to customer requirements, can be equipped with de-device


JP Balancing Machines use the latest technology to create a vertical drilling automatic balancing machine in terms of balance measurement, angle positioning, drilling to heavy and re-test, all the implementation of automation; with simple operation, easy to use, high precision; Applicable to small and medium volume production.