Balancing Machine For Drive Mode And Its Characteristics

Balancing machine drive way to drag rotor rings with drag, drag the coupling and self-propelled. Ring of drag is to use a rubber ring or ring silk belt, motor pulley to drag rotor, so the rotor with drag requirements must have a smooth cylindrical surface, drag the ring has the advantage of not affecting rotor unbalance high balancing precision. Drag is the use of gimbal balance machines coupling spindle is connected with the rotor. Coupling drag of features is for appearance not rules of rotor, can passed larger of torque, for drag wind machine, wind resistance larger of rotor, coupling drag of shortcomings is coupling itself of uneven measure will on rotor produced effect (so coupling in using Qian to on its for balance), also will introduced interference effect balance of precision, also also to do large of connection disc to adapted different model of rotor. Since the drive is to use the power of the rotor itself rotates. Drive is a drag to balance precision with minimal impact, balancing accuracy of maximum, but only special structure allows the rotor in order to use this form of drag.