Balancing Machine For Electric Armature Rotor

Motor Rotor: It is also a rotating part in the motor. Motor consists of rotor and stator two parts, it is used to achieve electrical and mechanical energy and mechanical energy and electrical energy conversion device, the motor rotor is divided into motor rotor and generator rotor

At present, the motor manufacturers use different specifications and models of dynamic balancing equipment. According to the measurement principle, there are hard bearing dynamic balancing machine and soft bearing dynamic balancing machine; according to the type of horizontal balancing machines and vertical balancing machines; according to the application, there are general and special balancing machines


Auto positioning balancing machine can balance weighing up to 5 kg diameter of 260mm miniature motor rotor, which uses advanced servo drives, stepless speed parameters can be achieved, the smooth acceleration and deceleration, measurement stop automatically , it will stop  in the Imbalance point automatically

Auto positioning rotor balancing machine using advanced electrical measurement system, the measured value display in the form of digital and vector combinations, all the system parameters are prompted, and the calibration process has a guide throughout, but also to establish monitoring Center, real-time monitoring of multiple balancing machine measurement conditions, to facilitate the management of data on the overall effective management