Balancing Machine Has An Advantage In The Current Mechanical Field

The Balancing Machine has an advantage in the current mechanical field

The Balancing Machine has been widely used in foreign applications in the current mechanical field, and there are many kinds of special Balancing Machines. Special machine balancing machine is almost blank, such as fan, motor, woodworking machinery, air conditioner and other special equipment. But the mechanical advantage of the Balancing Machine is quite clear. Let me introduce you to the advantages of the Balancing Machine in the current mechanical field.

The mechanical system is the most critical part of the Balancing Machine, and its performance is directly related to the rotor balance accuracy and efficiency. The rotor vibration can be reduced to a minimum only by designing a mechanical system for different workpieces. So this paper puts forward the design of the mechanical system of special dynamic Balancing Machine, which is of great significance to improve the performance and service life of rotating machinery.

Any rotor spinning around its axis produces centrifugal force due to uneven mass distribution relative to the axis. This unbalanced centrifugal force can cause vibrations in the rotor bearings, causing the noise and the bearing wear to wear out, which can seriously affect the performance and life of the product.

Machine tool spindle, internal combustion engine crankshaft, steam turbine rotor, torsion pendulum clock and gyro rotor rotating parts in the process of manufacture, all need to pass through balancing machine to smooth running normally.

According to the measured data of dynamic Balancing Machine to correction of the unbalance of the rotor, can improve the quality of the rotor axis relative to the distribution of the rotor vibration of rotating or reduce the effect on the bearing vibration into the permitted range. As a result, the balancer is essential for reducing vibration, improving performance and improving quality.

The expression of the sensitivity and precision of the Balancing Machine has been varied. In general, the precision of the instrument instrument is usually indicated by the percentage of the value or the full range of the amplitude error, and the phase error is usually indicated.

But for dynamic balancing machine, if not expressed in the precision balance calibration instructions, and use of the rotor allowable amount of unbalance remaining within a certain limit, then for the initial rough measure of the rotor, the error is too strict, for small initial rough measure of the rotor, this error appears very loose again. Moreover, even if there is a certain amplitude and phase error, residual unbalance within limits will be gradually reduced, but can't again small when he reaches a certain limit. On the other hand, the so-called sensitivity is an indication of an indication of an instrument that increases the amount of inequality that must be applied by a scale, which varies with the rotor quality.

Comprehensive the above situation, the international organization for standardization recently confirmed the evaluation method of balancing machine performance standards, it USES the rules of checking rotor and in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the experiment, test results for a minimum of residual unbalance and unbalance decrement.