Balancing Machine Improve Product Quality

Balancing machine is used to determine the rotor imbalance of the instrument, the balance machine is a hard bearing balancing machine, swing frame stiffness is very large, with the dynamic balancing machine measurement results on the rotor unbalance to correct the rotor rotation generated when the vibration or role in The vibration on the bearing is reduced to within the allowable range to achieve the purpose of reducing vibration, improving performance and improving the quality of the product, and by increasing or reducing the size of the unbalance.

The main performance of the balancing machine is expressed as the minimum achievable residual unbalance, and the unbalanced reduction rate. The former is the minimum value of the balance of the remaining unbalance of the rotor, which is the measure of the balance of the balance machine. The latter is the ratio of the unbalanced reduction and the initial unbalance after a correction. It is a measure of the balance efficiency Of the indicators, generally expressed as a percentage.

In modern machinery, due to the extensive application of flexible rotor, people developed a flexible rotor balancing machine. This type of balancing machine must be in the rotor operating speed range of stepless speed regulation; in addition to measuring the vibration or vibration of the support, but also to measure the rotor deflection. The flexible rotor balancer is sometimes installed in a vacuum guard chamber to fit the balance of a rotor such as a turbine, which is equipped with a large auxiliary equipment such as a vacuum system, a lubrication system, a lubricating oil degassing system and a data processing computer system.

In the daily use of the need to do a good job of its maintenance work, so as not to balance the factors caused by the measurement results are not allowed. Only do a good job balancing machine routine maintenance work in order to ensure the measurement results of the instrument, more effective to extend the life of the balance machine. Then the balance machine should be how specific maintenance it?

Do not use compressed air or water nozzles to remove dust and dirt from the machine. To prevent dust from entering the building and in the cleaning operation.

Second, keep the balance shaft, nut, cone and flange clean. Such as cleaning these parts, to use a neutral solution soaked brush clean

3. Carefully use the cone and flange to avoid accidental fall and damage. The result is an accurate center of the impact, after use, the cone and flange placed in dustproof space.

Fourth, the machine every 6 months to conduct a calibration

Fifth, the balance machine lubrication

The only rotating parts of the balancing machine are the motor and the balance shaft. So the bearings of these components must be regularly checked and lubricated by the operator.

Do not open the bearing when testing, just insert a screwdriver, check the sound. As the role of the bearing is clamping and support, it is not appropriate to replace or remove grease;

In addition, for the machine it is not high speed, so no need to replace the grease. If you notice that the bearing is not working properly or if there is noise, replace the bearing.

If the customer confirms that the bearing is not replaced, simply replace the grease: remove the bearing, open the dust seal, add XHP103 grease.

These operations are carried out under the guidance of a professional. Replace the grease after adjusting the machine. If the replacement of the lubrication is not correct, it will affect the accuracy of the machine. In this case, reinstall the seal, re-install, and repeat the adjustment.