Balancing Machine Production Line For Disk-Type Rotors

In the field of disk-type rotors, Jp Balancing Machine offers a versatile machine program for all known rotor types. Whether brake disk, brake drum, flywheel or dual mass flywheel, starter ring or driver plate, wheel flange or wheel hub need to be balanced, Jp Balancing Machine 's Line module kit offers the right solution for each of these rotor types.

Thanks to Jp balancing machine 's own development of all components and assemblies, this is an extremely consistent and homogeneous machine concept that can implement the various possibilities of unbalance correction. This module kit also offers the possibility to combine unbalance correction variants or subsequently expand machine sizes and unbalance correction variants.


In addition to production-related aspects – such as compliance with machine availability, cycle time, ease of conversion and maintainability – Jp  balancing machines reliably offer high quality.

Proprietary designs, such as the option of a "lowerable spindle" that has been developed to protect the measuring spindle against impact forces during loading / unloading or processing forces, or the patented "automatic calibration system" in conjunction with an SQL database, are intended to secure or even continuously improve the quality of daily production.