Balancing Machine Should Always Pay Attention To Adjust The Accuracy

Balancing machine should always pay attention to adjust the accuracy

Will the balance machine be adjusted? If the balance machine has not been precisely adjusted, then we are in use when it is likely that there will be a variety of situations. Balancing machine need to adjust the reason is nothing more than accumulated over time, the friction produced by the balance of its parts have changed, so that the accuracy of the balance machine has changed, we must be used when the adjustment.

1, guide rail guide precision adjustment

For ordinary machinery and equipment, the gap between the sliding guide is appropriate, usually with 0.03mm or 0.04mm thick feeler in the end of the site to insert the inspection, requiring the insertion depth should be less than 20mm. If the rail clearance is not appropriate, it must be adjusted in time.

2, worm gear screw lift screw and nut between the gap adjustment

The screw nut drive of the screw lift is one of the most common mechanisms for achieving linear motion. Screw and nut with the very difficult to do without gaps. Especially after the use of a stage, due to wear, will increase the gap, affecting the normal work of the equipment. Therefore, in the equipment maintenance process, pay attention to eliminate the gap between the screw and nut is very necessary.

3, dynamic balancing machine spindle rotation accuracy adjustment

Balancing machine spindle rotation accuracy, in the spindle itself, the processing error to meet the requirements of the premise, in general, is largely determined by the bearings. Adjustment of the spindle rotation accuracy is the key to adjust the bearing clearance. Maintain a reasonable bearing clearance, the spindle components of the work performance and bearing life is of great significance. For rolling bearings, in the case of a larger gap, not only will focus on the role of the force in the direction of the rolling body above, but also in the bearing, outer ring raceway contact with a serious stress concentration , Shorten the bearing life, but also make the spindle center line drift phenomenon, easily lead to vibration of the spindle components. Therefore, the adjustment of the rolling bearing must be preloaded, so that the bearing inside a certain amount of interference, resulting in rolling and the inner and outer ring raceway contact with a certain amount of elastic deformation, in order to improve the rigidity of the bearing.

For the dynamic balancing machine in the process of running the gap, it is recommended that we must be properly treated and can be adjusted in order not to affect the normal operation of the machine, the daily maintenance work is essential, I hope the user in addition to the purchase of attention to select the quality Of the products, but also need to strengthen the balance of the late maintenance work.

The use of balancing machines must be inseparable from our careful maintenance and maintenance, we use the time to be well managed Oh