Brake Disc Automatic Balancing Machine

The automatic balancing machine is mainly used for detecting and automatically correcting the unbalanced quantity of the rotating parts. Due to design, uneven material, manufacturing and installation, rotary components often have large initial imbalances. Such unbalanced rotating parts generate periodic exciting force when telling the rotation, causing vibration and noise, increasing equipment energy consumption, accelerating mechanical wear, reducing service life, causing equipment failure and even accidents. Perform dynamic balancing to meet the eligibility criteria. The data shows that 95% of the exciting force causing excessive vibration of the high-speed rotary machine is an unbalanced force caused by poor balance of the rotating parts. Balance technology and related equipment are widely used in industries such as motors, power tools, household appliances, pumps, fans, automobiles, chemicals, high-speed rail, electric power, marine and aerospace

Brake disc automatic balancing machine introduction
Fully automatic balancing machine features
Manual loading and unloading
2.15 inch touch screen
3. Balance measurement software technology is better
4. Automatic measurement, automatic milling correction, automatic retest
5. Steel structure design, high service life
Fully automatic balancing machine application range
Brake disc automatic balancing machine is used for single-sided automatic balance correction of disc-shaped workpieces. It adopts the new technology of Shanghai Jianping dynamic balancing machine. The brake disc workpieces are fully automated from balance measurement, angular positioning, milling de-duplication and re-testing. The brake disc automatic balancing machine has the characteristics of high speed and high precision, and is suitable for mass production of brake disc dynamic balance.