Car Air Conditioning Cooling Is Not Good, Mostly The Problem Of Cooling Fan

 Car air conditioning cooling is not good, most of the problems here

1. Automotive air conditioning condenser cooling is not good. Car condenser is the cooling device, assuming the entire system out of the task of cooling, it can compress the compressor in the process of generating a large amount of heat dissipation into the car space. The car cooling fan is suction-type, a long time after the condenser surface covered with a layer of cover, so the owner wants to drive comfortable summer, we must remember from time to time to check whether there is dust between the condenser and the water tank , You can use high pressure gas cleaning.

2. cooling fan does not turn. The cooling fan draws air in the rear of the heatsink and through the heatsink as the fan rotates to enhance the cooling effect of the heatsink and speed up the cooling of the coolant. The rotation of the car's cooling fan is affected by the current inside the water temperature sensor and the transformer. If the car does not know cold, take a look at the cooling fan does not turn, it is more conventional approach.

3. Leakage of air-conditioning refrigerant. Car air-conditioning pipe is more complicated, any seam joints or small cracks in the pipe will have a refrigerant leak problem.


Cooling fan balancing machine, to create high-quality cooling fan, cooling fan no longer naughty

If the car air-conditioning cooling fan vibration occurs violently, most of them because there is no balance, its own stability and stability there are some flaws, affecting the cooling effect of the car will also affect the mood of the driver.


Now there is a machine, which is called Automotive Cooling Fan Special Balancing Machine, mainly used in automotive engine cooling fan, radiator cooling fan assembly of the overall balance, but also for electrical performance testing and vibration, yaw test, but also to meet the single Fan product balance test, you want to use it to improve the cooling fan balance and quality?

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