Car Bi-fans Radiator Balancing Stratagy

Car cooling fans are the part of radiator system for the stability, safety for maintaining a good running of cars’ engine. Cooling fan will be able to work properly.


The vehicle engine running will produce a lot of heat. If the heat cannot be radiated, it is likely to lead indestructible harm to the car engine, in serious cases even lead to the engine scrapped. The recovery of Fans quality is serious.


Car Cooling Fans


Some cars in the open after the engine cooling fan will be found as vibration. If it is a comprehensive diagnosis after the discovery of high-speed case only one fan rotation, the fan system has a problem. The possible failure should be nothing more than the following: 1. Fan failure; 2. Single fan to achieve 3 Speed; 3. Single fan to achieve multiple speed and other issues.
If the noise of the cooling fan is always large, then may check whether there is a grid where the fan grinding to the shell, fan blades are deformed, bearing is damaged and so forth.
If it is off after the cooling fan also appears to start the situation, you can wait for the temperature after cooling so that the fan stops rotating.
Whether it is car engine cooling fan or water tank cooling fan assembly, you can use JP cooling fan balancing machine to balance the detection.


Car Cooling Fans Automatic Balancing Machines


The use of JP Balancing Machines latest research and development of JP-800 electrical measurement system balance software, more accurate measurement, and in the original single detection function also added above the current, voltage, power and other electrical parameters of the test, Strong. The use of pneumatic fast chuck, can be more quickly clamping the workpiece, to better improve efficiency.