Car Flywheel Balancing Machine For Your Comfortable Driving

Flywheel balancing machine - flywheel is more stable and car is more comfortable to drive

The car flywheel is indeed a less well-known widget, but its role is quite different from its popularity. In order for this small part to play its unique role, it is necessary to use the flywheel balancer balance detection device for auxiliary detection.


In order to make the balance more economical, Jianping has taken this step now, combining the advantages of the flywheel automatic balancing machine with the better cost performance. Even small batches of automated balancing processes are advantageous.

The flywheel automatic balancing machine adopts Shanghai Jianping technology, and the workpiece is balanced from the balance measurement, angle positioning, drilling de-duplication and re-testing, and is automated; it has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient application and high precision; suitable for small and medium batch production.


Manual loading and unloading

2.15 inch touch screen

3. Balance machine measurement software advanced

4. Automatic measurement, automatic drilling correction, automatic retest

5. Can perform two or more de-repair correction on the workpiece

6. Steel machine tool structure design, high service life