Car Turbocharger Assembly 2017, JP Balancing Machine Is Talking About A New Lead

Based on the success of the first Car Turbocharger Assembly 2016, the Car Turbocharger Assembly 2017 create an opportunity of technical exchanges and business docking engineers and managers of the vehicle and the turbocharger manufacturers and supporting industry. Car Turbocharger Assembly 2017, the second Automotive Turbocharger Assembly Project Conference, was held in Chongqing.


The conference focused on the turbocharger assembly and testing of new technologies, new ideas and the latest development direction of the supercharger EOL (life) test and testing, all-state supercharger intelligent digital plant construction, automotive supercharger leak detection System MSA ability to enhance the topic of in-depth discussion. The Engine Assembly & Testing Engine Assembly and Testing Engineering Development Forum will also be held over the same period.
With the continuous improvement of energy-saving emission reduction requirements, the supercharger is the realization of the important and effective key, the development is very rapid. Supercharger assembly and testing of new technologies and new ideas, more and more attention by the majority of engineering and technical personnel. Therefore, in the successful holding of the first turbocharger forum on the basis of, for the user needs, this session will be supercharger EOL (life) testing, all-round intelligent digital plant construction, automotive supercharger leak detection system MSA capacity Promotion and other topics in-depth discussion.



1. In-depth study of the supercharger EOL (life) detection; leak detection system MSA ability to enhance; all-round intelligent digital plant construction and other topics.
2. Focus on new technologies, new ideas and latest development directions for automotive supercharger assembly and test engineering
Formal: technical exhibitions, expert discussions and exciting


Learned industry-leading technology and the overall solution: the balance between the quality of the balance and increase the noise, the supercharger EOL (life) detection, all-round intelligent digital plant construction, the future development of turbocharger, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent logistics, Automotive supercharger leak detection system MSA capacity upgrade. Agglomeration industry elite: with the supercharger manufacturers, the top system integrators, one or two outstanding suppliers and industry experts to experience the exchange of experience and technical discussion:
240+ leaders of the world's leading decision-makers
150+ turbocharger manufacturer, engine manufacturer
20+ core system integrator
30+ a secondary supplier
Various business opportunities: one to one business matching, technical exhibition, dinner and dialogue summit.


JP Balancing Machines was invited to participate in this year's automotive turbocharger assembly engineering conference. We explained dynamic balance and the noise reduction tech. for a better understanding of dynamic balance knowledge. We explore new technologies with the original equipment supplier and discuss product development.