Car Wheel Balancer Model Selection And Related Knowledge

First steps: select dynamic balancing machine, first according to the shape of the rotating workpiece characteristics, select horizontal or vertical dynamic balancing machine, of course, if you have special requirements, you can also design and manufacture according to actual needs.
Step two: choose according to rotor transmission is a circle belt balancing machine or a gimbal balance machines or self-propelled machines, balancing machine drive way to drag rotor rings with drag, drag the coupling and self-propelled.
Third step: according to artifacts of size selection, as artifacts of type, od, and length and weight, speed, features parameter, select moving balance machine size model, as 5, and 16, and 50, and 160 type,, digital said artifacts maximum quality, General selected digital 1/3 to 2/3 moving balance effect better, maximum or minimum value are can do, but does not necessarily can meet artifacts of precision.