Casting Reinforcement Technology-crankshaft Balancing Machine

Crankshaft as a key component, the accuracy of dynamic balance direct impact on the performance and service life, therefore, dynamic balance is the key process for crankshaft manufacturing and testing


How crankshaft works


Crankshaft is one of the most typical and important parts of the engine. Its function is to convert the gas pressure transmitted from the piston rod into torque, as a power and output work, drive other component to run, and drive the auxiliary equipment of the internal combustion engine


The main reason for the crankshaft fracture

(1) long-term use of oil deterioration; serious overload, super-hanging, resulting in long-term overload operation of the engine and the emergence of burner accident. Due to the engine burner, the crankshaft is severely worn.

(2) After the engine is repaired, the loading does not go through the run-in period, that is, overloading, the engine runs for a long time, so that the crankshaft load exceeds the allowable limit.

(3) in the repair of the crankshaft used in the welding, destruction of the crankshaft dynamic balance, and did not do the balance check, unbalanced excessive, causing the engine vibration, resulting in broken crankshaft.

(4) due to poor road conditions, the vehicle is seriously overloaded, the engine often in the torsional vibration critical speed line, shock absorber failure, will also cause the crankshaft torsional vibration fatigue damage and fracture.



Because the specificity of the function and shape of the crankshaft , It is generally balanced with a special balance machine . After the correction of the crankshaft dynamic balancing machine ,Crankshaft tends to be more balanced, but also more stable. Jp balancing machine want what customers want,  with advanced crankshaft balance process with high-tech electrical measurement technology to the crankshaft balancer ,overall, comprehensive, new design, develop and produce the A1WZ2Q crankshaft automatic Balancing machine


Crankshaft Automatic Balancing Correction Machines

1.Load and unload by manual

2.15' touch screen

3.Advanced balance software

4.Automatic measuring,drilling correction and retesting

5.Workpieces can do two and more times removing weight and corrections

6.High precision soft bearing measuring system

7.Rigid machine tool structure design.with longer using time


About Jp Balancing Machine


Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., produced with advanced technology, high quality, and there are more than 20 after-sales service team as a backup, not only allows users to experience the excellent technology, but also able to feel the human care from jp. Jp balancing machine will continue to provide intentions of the service, high quality balancing equipment, build china top balancing machine brand