Celebrate The Dragon Boat Festival With Jp Balancing Machine

Although the ancient Dragon Boat Festival was used for festivals, since ancient times, people from all industrial have paid much attention to such a big festival. Therefore, the activities have been enriched, and even some customs have been inherited today. :

Dragon boat


The Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat Race is an important event of the Dragon Boat Festival and is very popular in southern China, especially in Guangdong. The dragon boat has a long history and has been circulated for more than two thousand years. It is a traditional folk water sports entertainment project in China. It is mostly held in festive festivals and is a multi-person collective rowing competition. After being sent abroad, it was deeply loved by people of all countries and formed a competition.


2. Sachet


The Dragon Boat Festival children wear sachets, and it is said that there is a sense of shunning evil spirits. Actually, it is used for decoration of hoes.


3. Hanging Acacia


In the Dragon Boat Festival, people took Ai and Zhangpu as one of the important contents. Everyone sprinkled the court, and the calamus and the moxa stick were inserted in the doorbrow and hung in the church.


Science has finished . In fact, Jp Balancing Machine only wants to bless the Dragon Boat Festival for everyone:


The south of the Yangtze River, the green leaves of the bamboo leaves in the mountain; delicate hands, the full glutinous rice is embedded in the heart of the bamboo leaves; the transpiration of the hot air, the ripe fragrance is hidden in the white mist.