Central China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo

3.21-3.23 in 2019, the 21st Central China (Zhengzhou) International Equipment Manufacturing Expo was held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. Zhengzhou International Equipment Manufacturing Expo has experienced turmoil and rain for 20 years. With the development and development of the times, the scale of exhibitions and exhibitors have grown steadily, occupying an unshakable position in the industry and districts. It is the weather vane of the equipment exhibition in the Midwest.

China Central International Equipment Manufacturing Expo is China's premier superhard material industry chain event, which is a special event for high-end brands and manufacturing industries.
Shanghai Jianping Shanghai Jianping dressed up to participate in the Expo, its booth number: B105. The exhibition showed the universal joint balancing machine, the belt balancing machine, the single-sided vertical balancing machine, the self-driving balancing machine, the cooling fan balancing machine, the cross-flow fan balancing machine, the winding rotor two-station automatic balancing machine. , vertical drilling automatic balancing machine, etc. Widely used in motor rotors, fan impellers, machine tool spindles, water pump rotors, small appliance rotors and auto parts industry.

The expo was grandly opened, and the visitors at the Shanghai Jianping booth were in a constant stream, listening carefully to the explanations of the balancer series products. Each smile contains technical recognition for the development of Shanghai Jianping's balancing machine. Each nod represents the professional explanation and service of Shanghai Jianping.

Through the introduction of on-site exhibits, it highlights the corporate tenet of “Quality is the root, integrity-based”, and at the same time, the major manufacturers, buyers and suppliers have witnessed the extraordinary of Jianping. Actively involved in the exchange of dynamic balancing machine technology, and expressed the expectation of cooperation with Jianping in the later period.


Independent research and development, standing for science and technology. Since its establishment in 2004, Shanghai Jianping has always adhered to and improved its core technology, continuous high-precision product research and development, and quality after-sales service. Established an independent research and development center, continuously enhanced the core scientific research strength of the enterprise, as well as the cultivation of scientific research talents, won the high-tech enterprise award, and obtained 24 honorary qualifications.

Keep improving and make progress. Four sales offices have been established in China, linking the country from five major regions. The JP-580 electric measuring system independently developed by Shanghai Jianping is exported to more than 100 cities including Europe, America, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Bangladesh. From domestic to international, relying on the core research and development strength of the enterprise, product quality assurance, and receiving numerous honors and recognition


In the spring of March, the celebration of the grand occasion, the 21st Central China (Zhengzhou) International Equipment Manufacturing Expo was successfully held, and Shanghai Jianping continued to develop and pursue excellence! Thank you for your visit and witness, let us accompany the new era of high-speed gear, share opportunities and create a better future!