Centrifugal Force-balancing Machine

Centrifugal balancing machines is under rotor rotation, according to rotor-bearing vibration caused by imbalance or acting on the bearing vibration measurement of imbalance. According to the different number of correction planes, can be divided into single balancing machines and two-plane balancing machine. Single-sided vertical balancing machines can measure only one plane imbalance (static imbalance), although it is measured in the rotor spins, but still belong to the static balancing machine. Double-sided balance function measurement of dynamic unbalance can also measure the static unbalance and the couple unbalance, commonly known as the balancing machine.
Centrifugal balancing machines by supporting different characteristics, can be divided into soft bearing balancing machine and hard bearing balancing machine. Balancing speed higher than the natural frequency of rotor-bearing system referred to as soft bearing balancing machine. This balance of stiffness of small vibration sensors detect the signal and supports proportional to displacement. Balancing speed lower than the natural frequency of rotor-bearing system known as hard-bearing balancing machines, this balance of stiffness, sensors detect the signal proportional to the bearing vibrations.
Balancing performance with the minimum achievable residual unbalance unbalance and the rate is two comprehensive indicators. Former is the balance function of the rotor reaches the minimum residual unbalance, which is the highest balance of indicators measuring balancing machine; the latter is the result of a correction to reduce the inequality measure the ratio of the initial unbalance, which is a measure of efficiency indicators, usually expressed as a percentage.
In modern machines, due to the wide application of flexible rotors, people developed a flexible rotor balancing machines. This balancer must be stepless speed regulation of rotor rotational speed range; in addition to measuring bearing vibration or vibration, but also measures the deflection of the rotor. Sometimes installed in flexible rotor balancing machine VAC indoors, to fit the steam turbine rotor balance, it is equipped with a vacuum system, lubrication system, oil degassing system and large data processing computer systems, and other auxiliary equipment.
According to the needs of mass production, can automatically complete the balance of the rotor of the specific measure and balance correction of automatic balancing machine and automatic balance, Hyundai has a lot of equipment in automobile manufacturing, motor manufacturing and other industrial sectors.